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Girl Detective

I thought Achilles great pride was a big flaw, as was his decision to be famous rather than live a long life. I think it's interesting that one aspect of his myth wasn't in the book, and that both he and Pyhrrus are known in negative contexts, not positive ones.

But one way it worked for me was that I knew Achilles slayed someone because that person slayed someone else, so the book pulled me through by engaging me in wondering how that happened. Without that knowledge, I might have been less engaged. But this book did engage me, and I read it quickly, and I thought it was written well.

Amy Rea

Maybe if I'd had more background, Girl Detective. Without it, I floundered.


Your first paragraph is exactly why I have avoided reading this book. I just don't have the background for stories like this, so I don't read them, making the gap in my reading even bigger!

Amy Rea

We should probably just read the classics, right, Lu?

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