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Miss T

I'm enjoying the book more and more as it goes along, yet simultaneously getting excited that it's nearing the end. It's long. Dickens might have benefited from some editing!


Bleak House is thinning out for us, too. The best part of a narrative with many strands is the twisting of them together into a taut ending. That seems to be the case here as I had no problem reading these four chapters. I agree that Dickens could have gotten more action in early. I guess you have set up Tulkinghorn and Lady Dedlock, but there were ways to kill him off earlier. Mr. Bucket also could have shown up more early. Maybe Mrs. Bagnet, too. If she can talk sense into Mr. George, then no one is immune, not even Richard and Ada. Perhaps she could put everyone in their right sense.


"Poor Rick! Poor Ada! Bleak House is thinning fast." Indeed.

I don't believe for a moment that Mr. George OR Lady D. are guilty of murder, even though lord knows they both had motive to off Tulkinghorn. They're not rash enough. Recall how that French Maid threatened Tulkinghorn when she confronted him in his chambers – and he threatened her back w/ arrest and prison. We already know her to be an irrational and vindictive sort, so she's my prime suspect.

Poor little somber baby Turveydrop. How many times did Esther comment on her tininess? I rather liked her observation about Mr. Jellby though, "His sole occupation was to sit with his head against the wall, looking hard at the thoughtful baby; and I could not quite divest my mind of a fancy that they understood one another."

Girl Detective

Gorey's drawings are often quite similar to the Phiz ones in subject and composition.

Girl Detective

Also, Mr. Bucket's habit of saying Sir Leicester Dedlock, Baronet, amused me.

Girl Detective

My first comment disappeared? Anyway, Gorey's illos are often quite similar to Phiz's, in subject and composition. I'm feeling like Gorey kinda phoned BH in.


Miss T, I agree, Dickens could have used a little editing. And I hope he doesn’t rush the ending with this one, the way he did with Our Mutual Friend.

V, I fear you may be overly optimistic regarding the powers of Mrs. Bagnet. But I hope you’re right!

Heideland, Mr. Jellyby may be one of the most melancholy characters in a book full of sad people.

Girl Detective, I agree on Gorey’s work—it’s definitely not his best and not all I hoped for. It’s more like he did quick sketches and never got the full details.

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