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Miss T

I know, you're shocked that I'm commenting first thing on Monday morning. :o)

The birthday scene was wonderfully suspenseful, because I knew Bucket couldn't be up to anything good -- the way he checked out the backyard was ominous. The bad cooking of crappy poultry made me just as crazy as it did Mrs. B. I don't know if I would have had her restraint!


Jo -- Dead! Tulkinghorn -- Dead! Mr. George -- Arrested! Lots o' action. But it does strike me how long, for all the praise BH gets as the forefather of detective stories to get to the body that is the subject of its detective fiction. It also is striking to me that the last chapter could have come out of an episode of "Columbo." Even the wife talk!

I too enjoyed the birthday party levity, especially with the big focus on Jo and the opportunity for moralizing.


Crappity. Reconstructing the comment I thought I already posted.

Not sad about Tulkinghorn. Glad someone offed him, though I suspect that sneaky French former ladies maid more than Mr. George. I disliked his agenda against Lady D. and I still don't understand where that's coming from. She should be relieved when she finds out but I bet she won't be. Sigh.

This was the quote I highlighted for this section; it makes me shudder. "Interposed between her and the fading light of day in the now quiet street, his shadow falls upon her, and he darkens all before her. Even so does he darken her life." Brrrr.


I know, right, Miss T! That was a much-needed bit of hilarity in this increasingly bleak part of the book.

V, ha, I never thought of the Columbo connection :-) but you're totally right. It's so fun to connect Dickens with pop culture!

Heidi, interesting about the French maid. I hadn't thought about that, but it sure makes a lot of sense, especially if she were to try and pin it on Lady D.

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