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Girl Detective

Well, cuss. I forgot we were returning today. Guess I better get on that.


So much action. I might have to take back all those things I thought about poor old Guppy. He pushed out more plot in his little half a chapter than many part of the book.

That must have been quite the cliffhanger to end the installment on. I did find a parallel in all the unwanted visitors in all the chapters. I also did enjoy the reflections between Mr. George and Phil. His last name of Squod must have come up before, but it was a joy to rediscover -- and it seems apt for such a military trooper. Maybe a group of Bleak House readers can be called a squod!

Amy Rea

So, V, instead of Bleak Blog, we are now the Bleak Squod? Works for me.


Bleak Housekeeping Squod, methinks.

I did enjoy the Dedlocks having their mind blown. And my wife would probably say she recognizes the portrait of a wife trying not to listen to her husband reading a passage and adding his two cents.

Girl Detective

I loved the little asides about Lady D's murderous looks at Guppy. My, he seems to have been a busy little detective; I didn't know that someone had put all those pieces together other than perhaps Tulkinghorn. Speaking of, how is Guppy going to get the letters? Didn't Tunlkinghorn possibly filch them out of the wardrobe?

V. Surprised to find Lady D didn't know about Esther. Had assumed from her previous bitchiness that she knew who she was. Good to know that lady has a heart.

I do so like Mr. George. Who can we marry him off to?


"Many of them are not early risers at the brightest of times, being birds of night who roost when the sun is high and are wide awake and keen for prey when the stars shine out." -- just shouted, KINDRED! out loud in mah head. (P.S. I promise to catch up.)

Amy Rea

Girl D, should we marry Mr. George off to Esther?

Miss T

I'm finally caught up! And I do believe I'd pretend I wasn't home if the Smallweed entourage showed up at my door.

Amy Rea

Not only are you kindred, Heidi, but poetically so!

Amy Rea

True, Miss T, but at the same time, it could be most entertaining.


Another vote for hiding from the Smallweeds. {{{shudder}}} If I were poor virginal Judy I'd be sorely tempted to do more than "shake up" old grandad. A little arsenic in the tea? Oh wait, that's a Downton plot point. FREE MR. BATES!

Amy Rea

Ah, but after the season 3 premiere last week, I am not as convinced of Bates innocence.


Oh, btw, I really like Mr. George. If for no other reason than that he doesn't suffer fools and Smallweeds. (Maybe Bates is just pretending to be a badass in prison because... PRISON.)

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