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Girl Detective

Wow, action packed section this week! I'm reading Les Mis right now too, and it's a little spooky how they echo one another, though unsurprising given they were written in the same time in nearby countries. Bleak House is ever so much more readable, though. Dickens is briefer in his social diatribes, and funnier, even in a work titled Bleak House.

Spontaneous combustion makes me think of: Stephen King's Firestarter, the episode of House where he uses a pig carcass to show his students how it works.

Smallpox was a really big deal in Neal Stephenson's The Baroque Cycle, so that's what I recalled when I got to it, and knew what was going on when Esther wondered if poor Caddy would be disfigured.

Liked how Jo freaked out because of Esther's resemblance to Lady D. Poor Jo.

Jo all alone! NO!

Mrs Woodcourt reminded me of Lady Catherine De Bourgh from Pride and Prejudice.

Mr Woodcourt, died at Waterloo, description of which takes up huge chunk of Les Mis.

Mrs Woodcourt wants her to marry what amounts to Mr. George, which I don't disagree with, but only because Mr. G is awesome, not because I'm a social climbing bitch like Mrs. W.

Very rich, very worthy, 25 years older--exactly like the man Dorothea married in Middlemarch!

I wish I hadn't read that character list of the book. Spoilers, damn it.

Mr Skimpole is a "child" in the way that 3 year olds are: sociopathic.

Spontaneous combustion my a$$. Who's running about murdering people?

I felt like the ash and the oily goo were clues to why poor Krook went up in flames, like someone backed up the chimneys, doused the house in cooking oil and set it aflame. Maybe not, eh?


Married. Maimed. Marinated.

Plenty of action, but I would have liked a little more action. Tony and Guppy and their waiting and skulking tuckered me out a bit. Thought I can imagine the combustion caused many jaws to drop at the time. I found it interesting how much of the preface Dickens took to defend the idea of combustion.

I agree that Skimpole is hardly a child here. Never so coldblooded.

And yes, Jo is quite the signal. I especially liked how he thinks he is seeing things and also thinks there are triplets between Lady Dedlock, the maid and Esther.

I actually enjoyed the first chapter the most of the reading. Not sure it's the greatest match for Caddy, but this seems like a happy moment for the family, perhaps at its most lucid and aware of the world.

Miss T

Dickens had to be cackling with glee after writing this section. He's having far too much fun. Perhaps alien ships will land in the next chapter?



Amy Rea

So, I take it we all agree that Skimpole has gone beyond the pale?

Miss T

Skimpole needs a good thrashing, I say.

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