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Girl Detective

With these three chapters, it felt rather like Dickens had a checklist of people to satirize that he added on to: the rich and uppity (Dedlocks), the young and flighty (Richard), the ambitious mothers (Woodcourt), the overly self-satisfied (Badgers) and the pompous sermonizing droners (Chadband).

I loved this: Mr. Chadband is a large yellow man, with a fat smile, and a general appearance of having a good deal of train oil in his system.


My favorite parts from Ch. 17-19: this quote from Boythorn - "Whatever can have induced that transcendent woman to marry that effigy and figure-head of a baronet is one of the most impenetrable mysteries that ever baffled human inquiry. Ha ha ha ha!" Penguin p. 286

Boythorn's nickname for Sir Leicester Dedlock: "Sir Arrogant Numbskull"

As you may be able to tell I really like Mr. Boythorn. :)

And then... Oooh! p. 290 - Lady Dedlock & Esther lock eyes!!!

Still loving it.


Curious that only the illustration struck on my favorite part: Lady Dedlock, coming out of the shadows, literally, in the lodge. (Although Sir Arrogant Numskull comes a close second.) Lots of hints at the past between Jarndyce and her. Where will they end up? Again, to me, it seemed this was a transitional section, further tying the characters together. And I am beginning to think that the only reason why our divorce rate is higher is that first spouses' deaths aren't as common. I am losing it a bit between the wives talking about their past lives or previous spouses.


V. you crack me up. My first probably wouldn't be so amused. :)

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