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It does seem rather late (275 pages in, according to my edition) to be introducing new characters. Frankly, I am having trouble keeping up, mainly with the background folks, who disappear for a couple of weeks, only to show up in the background. I did have a sneaking suspicion I was supposed to know who Charley was. Thanks for confirming it for me.

The Smallweeds did stand out. For some reason, the grandmother and grandfather reminded me of Punch and Judy. Perhaps that's where the sister's name came from. And I was very glad to have been well-fed and well-quaffed before reading the first chapter. This was the first chapter in full where I wish I had notes to show me the way through the Dickensian diet.

Sorry for the flood of links! I had saved the character list and notes at the start to make up for my cheap (yet already purchased) edition. The others just presented themselves as the reading bounced around in my brain.

Girl Detective

I have not yet read this week's pages. For some reason, I thought it was a great idea to read Les Mis, unabridged, with my husband. So now I'm behind in TWO giant classics. Stoopid.

Miss T

Just finished this section (I'm glad I'm not the only one who's behind) and I have to agree there are a lot of characters to keep up with, and more keep showing up! Yes, it gets confusing.


Big fat classics w/ casts of thousands should have character glossaries. There's all sorts of other literary extras at the back of the Penguin ed., character glossary would have been aces.

Girl Detective

Annoyingly, the Cliffs Notes list is the best I found, as it's alphabetical. And yet, it doesn't list our new friend Mr. George? Sigh. It would be interesting to draw a web and see how many of all these characters are actually necessary to the main plot.

Girl Detective

Amy, please add the link to the comment:

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