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'Hype' has proved to be the kiss of death equivalent for me lately, so I'm glad to hear this one lived up to expectations. And, yes, library holds should definitely be like a Netflix queue... wonder if I should put that in the suggestion box ;-)


That library queue is why I have a line item in my personal budget for "library fines."

Amy Rea

Ah, Patricia, what a good idea. But I always feel guilty about the people who stuck in the waitlist while I make their wait longer and longer.

JoAnn, you should put that in the suggestion box! Even if they only did it with books with waitlists, it would be so helpful.

Girl Detective

I swear, there should be a scientific study of how, when you reserve something around the same time (I tend to reserve in spurts), no matter what the copies/request ratio is, they always come in at once. Like the "I Want It" factor is a constant among library patrons. It's why I stopped reserving books, figuring if I got to a MUST READ NOW place for a title I'd find some way to do that--I'm clever, or rather, compulsive--that way. But it's easier to make time for movies and def. CDs, than it is for books. Then again, I'm in 3 book groups, so my dance card is pretty full.

I am very much a rule follower re: due dates. I returned a movie yesterday that I probably could have watched last night, but decided to send on to its next requestee, who might be more eager/less busy to watch it than I was, who let it sit for the week. And I feel like I slough library karma if I return something that's got a list before the due date.

As you can see, I spend rather too much time thinking about this stuff.

Amy Rea

Girl Detective, I'm a rule follower about library due dates too. Which is what makes it so stressful.

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