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Girl Detective

So far, I'm finding that people who are trying Wrinkle for the first time as adults aren't into it, so you're not alone.


I reread Wrinkle back in January. I still liked it and was happy to touch base with it once again, but I felt no desire to continue on through its sequels. Which, actually, may be the reason I didn't read the sequels back then. Or, maybe, they weren't available at my library. I just don't remember.

Oh, but Harriet. Harriet is a touchstone. I doubt there have been many days of my life when something from Harriet hasn't reverberated through me.

Amy Rea

"Harriet is a touchstone." Exactly, Pages! She is so much more than just a child, and it's so much more than just a kid's book.

Alex in Leeds

Oh my. I haven't thought of Harriet in years and this just made me grin from ear to ear. I really must track down another copy. :)

Amy Rea

Oh, do find Harriet again, Alex! She is a wonder.


Oh no - I'm one of the Wrinkle lovers - and I'm sad for your 12 year old self that you missed it. I think it led me to my life long love of fantasy/sci fi. I don't remember loving Harriet the Spy at the time, though I remember the plot well enough. Ah well, we are wired as we are wired, and books and music (and art and food) are not the same for everyone, and that is just fine.

Amy Rea

I totally agree, Rebecca. As long as anyone is reading anything, it's all good.

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